Tragedy and Hope

We began the Didache Institute training in Shushufindi on Monday morning. The pastor from a nearby town called Sacha along with a group of members were in attendance. Diogenes, one of the church leaders in this church, sat in the second row. He was completely engaged, clearly serious about learning all he could. 

On Wedensday afternoon Diogenes shared with the class his desire and plan to help his family and friends understand the gospel. 

At 8:30 on Thursday morning Diogenes and his two nieces (19 year old twins) left their home to come to the training. A few miles outside of Sacha, his home, as he topped the hill a heavy-duty truck moved into the opposite lane and hit Diogenes and his nieces head on.  

Diogenes was killed instantly. His nieces were both badly injured. They were rushed to the nearest hospital (an hour away). One has been stabilized (Angie). The other is extremely critical (Kella). She remains unconscious and is intubated.

Last night part of our team attended the wake at the home of the father of Diogenes. We heard some rumors that the ICP team was being blamed for the death because he was on his way to our training. 

At least 300 people were in attendance. I was asked to address the crowd. I used the opportunity to share about Diogenes' life and his desire to share the gospel with his friends and family. It was significant to us that only the day before Diogenes expressed his desire to share the gospel with his friends and family, and now all of his friends and family were gathered together. I explained the gospel to them.  

Diogenes' church, Fuente de Vida, is grieving and trusting. The grace of the Lord is evident in them now. Pray for them as they seek to be salt and light. 

We hope to visit Kella and Angie in the hospital in Lago Agrio. They were students in Patricia's class this week. 

Today we will complete the training here in Shushufindi. Lord willing, we will return in June and again in July to continue with the training modules.