Kella and Angie

Seven months ago Kella and Angie Balcazar were sitting next to their uncle in his truck when an vehicle veered into oncoming traffic and collided with them head on. Their uncle, Diogenes, was killed instantly. Onlookers were sure that no one in the small truck could have survived. 

The three of them were en route to training in the Didache Institute in Shushufindi, Ecuador. It was mid-morning before the news reached us. That evening we attended Diogenes' funeral.


Angie and Kella survived the crash, but no one was sure if they would hold on. They did. Seven months later they were sitting once again in the classroom of the Didache Institute. 

They continue to undergo physical rehabilitation, but they are thankful to be alive and hopeful about the plans the Lord has for them. After all, it was a miracle they survived. God has a purpose for their lives, and we are already seeing glimpses of it.

Thank you for praying for these two young women. Continue to pray that they will remain firm in the gospel and that they will accomplish all the faith-prompted plans the Lord has for them. 

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