Ryan Bush

Ryan Bush has led ICP since May of 2016. He is married to Amanda. They have 5 children. You can contact him here: 01 901 468 8676 or gospelincontext@gmail.com. 

Bill Williams

After serving as the ICP president for more than a decade, Bill now fulfills the role as Senior Vice-President. His wife is Oneta. You can contact him here: bw_icp@yahoo.com

Jim & Emily Cordes

Jim is the Missions Training Specialist at ICP. His wife, Emily, serves as the Finance Manager for ICP. They have 3 children. You can contact Jim here: jimcordesjr@gmail.com or www.cordesonmission.com


Dylan Anderson

Dylan is the Director of Partner Mobilization with ICP. He and his fiance (Holly Long) work to get more churches and individuals involved in world missions through ICP projects. Contact Dylan here: armadylan62@gmail.com. 

Sarah Crossett

As Director of Didache Women/Children Sarah mobilizes Didache trainers, develops curriculum, coordinates on-the-field engagements, and teaches women and children. Contact Sarah here: scrossett.icp@gmail.com. 


Patricia Carlin

Patricia serves as Women's Discipleship Coordinator (Latin America) with ICP. She and her husband, Stan, have partnered with ICP for years. Recently, Patricia has taken on the task of developing and implementing training initiatives for women in Ecuador. 

Timeline of icp 

  • 1992 - Students from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee participate in evangelism at forty locations in the former Soviet Union.
  • 1993 - International Church Planters formed. The mission of ICP was to assist indigenous pastors in starting new churches around the world.
  • 1995 - Hire of first full-time employee of ICP. From January to March of 1995, the first international school of church planting was conducted in Pskov, Russia. ICP aided the new graduates in planting churches through evangelism projects, as well as providing three to six months of financial support.
  • 1996 - ICP headquarters were moved from Memphis to Louisville, Kentucky.
  • 1997 - Work begins in South America.
  • 1998 - Headquarters moved to Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas.
  • 1999 - ICP and the IMB explore the possibility of beginning ICP Institutes in Nepal.
  • 2000 - 3 day pastor’s conference was held in Kathmandu.
  • 2001 - The first ICP Training Institute in Nepal took place.
  • 2002 - ICP assumed ownership of a facility in El Tambo, Canar, Ecuador. This facility has classrooms for instruction, a dining room, and sleeping quarters that are used for the training of indigenous church planters. It is also the staging point for our medical, dental, and evangelism projects.
  • 2003 - Work begins on the continent of Africa with trips to Zimbabwe and South Africa.
  • 2004 - ICP currently works in Ecuador, Kenya and Tanzania. These works include pastor to teaching institutes and conferences, marriage conferences, evangelism, revivals, 2014 children's ministry, and of course church planting!