Today's Team Member-Sarah Crossett

      Today’s blog is about Sarah Crossett who is the Director of Women's & Children's Discipleship globally for International Church Planters. She was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas but grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She graduated from Williams Baptist University in 2004, then moved to South Korea. In South Korea she served with the Network of International Christian Schools for 13 years. Sarah has a deep love and appreciation for South Korean people and their culture. She returned to the United States in June of 2018, and subsequently began her work with ICP.  


      As the Director of Women’s and Children’s Discipleship globally, Sarah oversees the women's and children's discipleship programs in all of our Didache Institute locations. She works in conjunction with women's & children's coordinators to design curriculum, prepare materials, teach in the Didache Institute, and prepare volunteers.