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We aim for 40 hours of in-class instruction each week of training. That means 20 hrs per trainer. Therefore, you need to develop a course that will cover your subject, and that will fit into 15-20 hours of instruction. Don't forget to plan for translation if it is necessary. Please plan your class time well. These men make great sacrifices to attend these trainings. And, for many, it is the only training they receive. Give them your best.

It is common for trainers to give their students notes or outlines, however, if you are working in a Spanish language context, it would require translation. This is something that is very time-consuming and/or expensive. It's not impossible, but it must be planned in advance.

Another reality to keep in mind is that these men are not erudites. They are salt of the earth, low-literacy, practical, humble servants. Some struggle to read. Many struggle to critically read. The best thing you can leave with them is not a set of notes, but sound, practical, and memorable teaching that they can immediately apply. 

How do you make teaching memorable for these people? Well, it is best if you can use devices such as stories, colors, metaphors, songs, hand gestures, illustrations, analogies.  For example, a trainer to South East Asia taught church planting to a group of 50 pastors. His entire course was framed by relating church planting to rice planting. Every step corresponded to what you do to plant rice (something with which they were very familiar). 

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