ICP Water Project-2012

       Two villages-Shushilcon and Pachacama Chico, in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, have water only 3 or 4 months out of the year; and only then what they have caught during the rainy season. When that was gone - that had no water. In order to get water, they had to travel down the mountains about 30-40 minutes to Alausi and buy what water they could, that is, if they had the money. These are very poor people. The people of the villages discovered there was a piece of land, with 3 ever flowing springs, about 600 meters above them in elevation. The water was tested and the people were told it is the purest water that has been found in Ecuador. This would supply them with all the water they would need for their homes and overhead irrigation for their crops.

      With the help of Norway Lutheran Mission, they purchased that property. The people sacrificed and spent $35,000 to study the project to determine how they could get the water to their villages and then had an engineer draw plans for the project. They discovered the water could be gravity fed through pipe to the villages. They had sought help from the government of Ecuador and other groups, but no help had come. So they waited! The project was to build a concrete holding tank that would be fed from the springs and piped from the tank to the villages through large PVC pipes, keeping the water off the ground and keeping it clean.

      God burdened the heart of Brother Bill and he committed to raise the $600,000 needed to help get water to these people. This seemed like a near impossible task, but nothing is impossible with God. So we asked the Lord and begin to tell the people. ICP sponsored golf tournaments; our dear friend Squire Parsons gave a benefit concert; vacation bible school children gave their offerings; people had yard sales; and the list goes on and on. We launched a program of collecting change for the project. Water bottles inscribed "A little change for a Big change" were given out and people returned them filled with coins. Brother Bill's home church -Tumbling Shoals Baptist Church, a church of near 75 people - became burdened for these people and God allowed them to raise $100,000 in 6 months toward the effort! What an amazing God we serve! Finally, the day came and the work began...