ICP exists to work alongside the church to train and equip pastors, planters, and missionaries in areas of the world where the church is growing, but opportunities for training are scarce.

We have long seen ourselves as harbingers of the gospel to the world. But if we step back and look at what is happening globally it becomes evident that our role needs to change. The church is in decline in the West, but in the Global South (Africa, S. America, and parts of Asia) the gospel is spreading like wildfire. The bottom line is that these places don't need us to bring the gospel. They have it. However, they do need discipleship, training, and theological foundation. That's where we can step in and be a part of the movement of the Kingdom across the globe. 

What about the least reached? What about the sowing fields? The key to effectively communicating the gospel with people groups who are most closed, resistant, and unresponsive is the equipping and unleashing of the Global South. There's a great army of Spirit-filled followers of Jesus in the Global South and God will call many of them to go as missionaries. They need training and healthy churches to send them. We will reach the sowing fields by training the harvest fields. 

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Below is a video presentation of the nuts and bolts of the deep discipleship cycles.